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Grant Aerona³ 6kW Air Source Heat Pump & Single Coil 150lt Cylinder

Starting from: £3150 No VAT, Including Installation

*Original price £11000.00, eligible Government grant of £7500 is required

The Grant Aerona³ is a versatile air source heat pump that provides heat and water to your home. This air-to-water heat pump takes heat energy from the air and transfers it into the heating system. The cylinder component works alongside the air source heat pump to store the heated water before moving it around the system to heat your home. 


Included in this package:

  • Grant aerona³ 6kw r32 inverter driven air source heat pump
  • Grant quick recovery single coil 150 lt cylinder
  • Installation costs
  • Copper Pipes
  • 8 Radiators
  • TRV Pack


Key Features of the Aerona³ R32 Air Source Heat Pump:

  • Quiet Running: The Aerona³ 6kW R32 is an extremely quiet running heat pump with a sound pressure of 54.2 dB from 1m away. For comparison, a fridge typically runs at 40 dB. 
  • High ErP Rating: The heat pump is highly efficient, with an energy rating of A+++.
  • Extended Warranty: This product has a seven-year warranty. 
  • Compact design: The 6kW air pump is the most compact air source heat pump in the R32 collection, measuring 67.5cm (H) X 89.8 (W) X 37.94 (D). 
  • Operating Temperatures: The Aerona³ 6kW R32 has a running temperature range from -20°c to 43°c. 
  • The Compact Footprint means the air source heat pump has minimal environmental impact on the surrounding area. 


Key features of the Grant Quick Recovery Single Coil 150 lt Cylinder:

  • Material Guarantee: The cylinder shell has a twenty-five material guarantee. 
  • Singe Coil Cylinder: This model is fitted with a single coil, making the unit highly efficient. 
  • Made of stainless steel, the cylinder is environmentally appealing and robust. 


*Please note that the pricing and radiators are based on a three-bedroom house and are subject to the initial survey. 


An outdoor heat pump unit mounted on a wall beside a residential building.
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