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Latest Air Source Heat Pump Help & Advice

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Air Source Heat Pump Installation Considerations

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Air Source Heat Pump Overview for Norfolk Residents

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Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps for Your Home

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Air Source Heat Pump FAQs

Will a heat pump work in 0°C weather?

Air source heat pumps will continue to work in sub-zero temperatures, with the limit being around -20°C. Air source heat pumps have been found to be more effective than a conventional boiler in sub zero temperatures.  

Do radiators need to be changed with an air source heat pump?

While your radiators don’t necessarily have to be changed, it is recommended to upgrade them to maximise the energy being created. Larger radiators disperse the heat quicker, which works better with the heat pump. 

Is planning permission needed to install an air source heat pump?

Planning permission isn’t required for the installation of an air source heat pump as long as a range of conditions are met (Planning permission will need to be obtained for listed buildings).

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