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Air Source Heat Pump Maintenance and Servicing

When you opt for installing an air source heat pump you’re not just choosing an environmentally friendly heating option; you’re also making an investment in a system that when properly cared for can offer consistent warmth for your home at an affordable cost.

Our service for air source heat pumps is tailored to uphold the peak performance of your system ensuring it remains efficient in overcoming environmental challenges.

Whats Included in Our Service

At a price of £149 + VAT customers will benefit from;

  • Software Updates; The control system of your air source heat pump serves as its operational hub and requires regular updates to maintain peak efficiency. We provide the software updates to ensure seamless operation.
  • Safety Checks; Ensuring the safety of your heating system is our priority. We conduct inspections, on your heat pump including checking refrigerant levels, electrical connections and overall unit integrity to guarantee safe usage.
  • Performance Checks; Our comprehensive evaluation encompasses every aspect of your air source heat pump from the unit to indoor heating distribution.

To ensure your system is running smoothly it’s important to monitor pressure levels, airflow and heat output regularly for performance.

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Benefits of Regular Maintenance

  • Consistent Heating Performance; Keeping up with maintenance helps sustain the efficiency of your heat pump ensuring a consistent and dependable heating experience.
  • Extended System Lifespan; While air source heat pumps are built to last regular maintenance can prolong their durability guaranteeing years of heating.
  • Cost Efficiency; Identifying issues early on can prevent expensive repairs or replacements in the future saving you money over time.
  • Peace of Mind and Safety; Routine checks reduce the chances of malfunctions giving homeowners peace of mind regarding the safety of their system.
  • Environmental Benefits; maintained systems consume less energy reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to environmental conservation efforts.

Signs That Your Air Source Heat Pump Requires Maintenance

  • Unexplained spikes in energy bills.
  • Unusual noises coming from the system during operation.
  • Decreased heating. Inconsistent warmth distribution in your home.

Reasons to Select Our Maintenance Package

  • High Quality Service; We use tools and authentic replacement parts, for servicing purposes.
  • Skilled Technicians; Our team consists of professionals skilled in air source heat pump systems.
  • Ensuring Customer Happiness; We take pride in upholding a quality service to ensure our customers are happy.

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Book a check up to keep your heat pump running. We also provide advice on upgrading or installing heating systems for those looking to improve their home heating solutions.